AI Romantic – 智能爱人

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This drama “AI Romantic – 智能爱人” is about AI robot Ali Lee activates the self-learning mode to help four family members in an unexpected mission and experiences all the emotions and desires of the human world. She even falls in love with an AI company executive. Her romantic rival (Crystal Fung) goes after her relentlessly at work and in private, vowing to completely destroy her! At the same time, Ali discovers a computer virus in her body and that her life is counting down…


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Other Names: 智能爱(AI)人 / Zhi Neng Ai Ren / Ji Nang Ngoi Yan
Release Date: 23 April 2021 – June 2021
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Romance, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 30 Episodes
Director: Chan Kiu Ying (陈翘英)

Stars Cast
Ali Lee (李佳芯) 阿宝 (Abby, 人工智能机器人, 古家廉之机器人, 与其有感情线)
Billy Luk (陆永) 古家廉 (廉仔, 余凤钗之孙, 古学礼之子)
Crystal Fung (冯盈盈) 谢多燕 (Dorian、多姐, 女强人)
Mayanne Mak (麦美恩) 古家仪 (Kayee、家仪, 电视台艺人, 余凤钗之孙女, 古学礼之女)
Angelina Lo (卢宛茵) 余凤钗 (钗姑, 古学礼之母)
Ram Chiang (蒋志光) 古学礼 (学礼、阿礼, 保安)
Tyson Chak (泰臣) Rocky (保安型机器人, 古学礼之同事)
Stephen Cheng (C君) 标基 (人工智能专家, 古家廉之好友)
Jessica Kan (简淑儿) 苏雅婷 (与萧颂曦有感情线, 角色名字影射许雅婷)

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