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Brutally Young – 十八年后的终极告白

NEW TV DRAMA, watch hk drama, Brutally Young
This drama “Brutally Young – 十八年后的终极告白” is about eighteen years ago, on an ordinary night, seven teenagers, such as Lin Langsheng, Shen Jingyi and Xie Jiafu, who grew up in the estate, quarreled with the villager, Hu Qisi. After the fighting and chasing in the night, Qi Si fell in the pool of blood and died. They ran into a catastrophe and decided to bury the body, praying that this secret will never be known. Over the past 18 years, they have all grown up and established their own careers and lives. However, Qi Si’s body was discovered and the secret of that year was unearthed. Inspector Ruan Lijin of the serious crimes team took over the homicide case and gradually revealed the truth.

Li Jin’s father, Ruan Jin is Qi Si’s biological father, and he is urging the murderer to bear the blame. Faced with heavy oppression, Langsheng, Jingyi and Jiafu stood at the door of life choices. Want to admit your fault and take responsibility? Or continue to hide the truth and fall into the dark abyss? When Langsheng fell in love with Li Jin, he fell into the trap of multiple relationships and could not break free. The real murderer, however, hides in the darkness, destroying all who reveal the truth.



Release Date: 20 April 2020 – 15 May 2020
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 20 Episodes
Director: Simon Wong (王伟仁)

Stars Cast
Shaun Tam (谭俊彦) 林朗生 (Sam, 会计师)
Mandy Wong (黄智雯) 阮丽瑾 (Kenis、阿瑾、丽瑾, 重案组督察)
Joel Chan (陈山聪) 沈志才 (阿一、一哥、KO哥、才仔、阿才, 本剧大反派, 原名沈敬一, 黑帮头目之一兼第二把交椅)
Vivien Yeo (杨秀惠) 谢家倩 (阿倩、小倩, 酒吧 / 居酒屋调酒师, 聋哑人士)
Dominic Lam (林嘉华) 阮进 (Mark, 越南华侨/军用品店老板/退休外展教练)
Anthony Ho (何远东) 谢家富 (富哥、肥仔富, 日式料理/居酒屋厨师)
Candice Chiu (赵希洛) 王颂君 (Joanne, 投资银行经理)
Elvina Kong (江欣燕) 陈淑娴 (家庭主妇/金铺太子女)
Griselda Yeung (杨卓娜) 梁洁贞 (裁缝师/改衫铺老板娘)
Mary Hon (韩马利) 邝宝珠 (家庭主妇 / 伤残人士)

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