Cross Fire – 穿越火线 (2020)

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This drama “Cross Fire – 穿越火线 (2020)” happens inn 2019, the teenager Lu Xiaobei, who wanted to become an e-sports player, was invincible in the game, but lost his qualifications to the professional team because of an accident. In 2008, the down-and-out e-sports veteran Xiao Feng barely maintained his team. At this time, e-sports is far from ushering in its best era. Xiao Feng’s team was misunderstood and ridiculed, but insisted on the dream in his heart. In an accident, Lu Xiaobei and Xiao Feng met across time and space on a game map. Two people in different time and space change from mutual doubt to mutual trust. They formed their own teams to study tactics together to help each other grow. Dreams have never been easy, and the path of professional e-sports players is even more difficult. They have repeated boring training countless times, and they have been knocked down by fate, but they have never given up. Different times, the same passionate youth. But just as Lu Xiaobei and Xiao Feng encouraged each other and went upstream, an accident came quietly…

2019年,想成为电竞选手的少年路小北在游戏中所向披靡,却因为一场意外失去了进入职业队的资格。 2008年,落魄的电竞老将肖枫勉强维持着自己的战队。此时电竞还远没有迎来它最好的时代,肖枫的战队被误解、被嘲笑,却坚持着心中的梦想。 在一次偶然中,路小北与肖枫在一张游戏地图中跨时空相遇。身处不同时空的两人从互相怀疑到彼此信任。他们各自组建战队,共同研究战术,帮助对方成长。梦想从未曾容易过,职业电竞选手之路更是不易,无数次重复枯燥的训练,一次次被命运打落谷底,他们却从未放弃。不同的时代,相同的热血青春。 但就在路小北和肖枫彼此鼓励,逆流而上时,一场意外却悄然而至…

Release Date: 20 July 2020
Language: Cantonese
Genre: E-sport, Fantasy, Youth, TV Series, Chinese Drama
Running Time: 36 Episodes
Director: Derek Hui (许宏宇)

Stars Cast
Lu Han (鹿晗) 肖枫
Leo Wu (吴磊) 路小北
Dai Lu Wa (代露娃) 楚歌
Liu Shuai Liang (刘帅良) 许蔚
Meiye Pan (潘美烨) 宋佳意
Cecilia Boey (宋妍霏) 安蓝

Cross Fire – 穿越火线 (2020):


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