Dance of the Sky Empire – 天舞纪

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This drama “Dance of the Sky Empire – 天舞纪” begins with ten years ago, the Kunwu tribe fought against the human race, and the human national teacher Ziji sealed the Kunwu Dragon Emperor Shixingyu with the Shenyue Great Formation. Kunwu was defeated, and the Kunwu tribe became slaves and were bullied. It seems that the world has returned to peace. But undercurrents surging behind. In order to save the tribe, Kunwu saintess Su Youlian is determined to sneak into the Sky City by disguising her identity and unseal the sealed Shi Xingyu. When Su Youlian first arrived at Moyun Academy, she offended Li Xuan, the first evil young man in SkyCity. The two started a lively and beautiful life with the students of Moyun from rejoicing in their enemies to admiring each other. However, Li Xuan, who has power in his body, is destined to be extraordinary. He has long been arranged to be the guardian of the human race-the guardian of the country. Li Xuan and Su Youlian, whose identities are opposed, are after all the emotional entanglements that are constantly being dealt with and chaotic. The conspiracy hidden in the dark has already spread, and the restriction has been touched, releasing the demon race imprisoned by the human race, and a group of students of Moyun Facing a terrifying catastrophe unfolded here. Li Xuan finally stood on the side of justice, defeated Shi Xingyu who had fallen into the devil’s way, rescued the demon clan imprisoned by the unpredictable human race, resolved the conflict between the human race and the demon race, and shouldered the heavy task of rebuilding Chang’an.

十年之前,昆吾族与人族大战,人族国师紫极用沉月大阵封印了昆吾龙皇石星御,昆吾落败,昆吾族人沦为奴隶备受欺凌,看似世界恢复平静背后却暗流涌动。昆吾圣女苏犹怜为了拯救族人,决意伪装身份潜入擎天城,解印被封印的石星御。苏犹怜初到摩云书院,就得罪了擎天城第一恶少李玄,两人从欢喜冤家到互相爱慕,开启一段与摩云学子的热闹美好生活。然而身上蕴藏力量的李玄注定命运不一般,他早已被安排成为人族的守护者—护国师。身份对立的李玄和苏犹 怜,终究是剪不断理还乱的情感纠葛,隐于暗处的阴谋早已蔓延,禁制已被触动,释放了被人族囚禁的妖族,一众摩云学子将面临惊天浩劫于此展开。李玄最终站在正义的一方,打败了坠入魔道的石星御,救出了被居心叵测的人族囚禁的妖族,化解了人族和妖族的矛盾,肩负起重建长安的重任。

Release Date: 08 July 2020
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Comedy, Costume Drama, Fantasy, TV Series, Chinese Drama
Running Time: 28 Episodes
Director: Zhao Jin Tao (赵锦焘)

Stars Cast
Kevin Xu (许凯) 李玄
Wu Jia Yi (吴佳怡) 苏犹怜
Hanikezi (哈妮克孜) 云杉
Junchao Zhou (周骏超) 萧凤鸣
Jonsson Li (李俊辰) 御风穆
Yu Xing Tong (于歆童) 龙嶶儿

Dance of the Sky Empire – 天舞纪:


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