Ink at Tai Ping – 太平纹身店

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This drama “Ink at Tai Ping – 太平纹身店” is about Taiping Street, a mysterious area without people, inside has always had its own set of rules to maintain the relationship between power and benefit. It looks peaceful from the outside, but the inside is darkness everywhere.
And everything is started by Na Na, who wants to set up a tattoo shop on this street. Then begins casualties, vendettas, and the heartbeats to speed up, blood begins to bleed, and tears begin to fall.


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Other Names: 太平紋身店, Tai Ping Wen Shen Dian
Release Date: 18 January 2021 – 12 February 2021
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Mafia, Revenge, Murder, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 20 Episodes
Director: Tang Hao Jun (汤皓浚)

Stars Cast
Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) 张灵 (北村武之养女, “太平纹身店”老板)
Kenny Wong (黄德斌) 叶盖天 (太平街街主, “天地帮”话事人,痛失挚爱后金盘洗手)
Alex Lam (林德信) 许子龙 (FoodDragon, 太平街咖啡店老板)
Alan Luk (陆骏光) Wi-Fi (黑道“清道夫”[负责处理凶案现场和处理尸体])
Thor Lok (骆振伟) 姜奕元 (子弹, 太平街维修工坊老板)
Elaine Ng (吴绮莉) 白玫 (Rose, 太平街画廊老板) / 茉莉 (白玫之孪生姊妹)
Helen Tam (谭凯伦) Queen (太平街理发店老板, 原为赌徒,后被师父Ace培育成老千)
Keung To (姜涛) 叶天晴 (叶盖天之儿子, 母亲早逝)
Deon Cheung (张松枝) 北村武 (Nana之养父, 日本黑帮“东和会”前会长, 曾任帮会纹身师)
Faith Lee (李赏) 许凤 (龙妹, 未成年, 许子龙之妹妹)

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