Life After Death – 那些我爱过的人

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This drama “Life After Death – 那些我爱过的人” is about seven years ago, a serious car accident destroyed two families and changed the lives of Frankie Lam and Priscilla Wong. Seven years later, due to a traffic accident, Frankie re-encounters Priscilla. Life is still filled with joys and sorrows. Priscilla and her sister Shiga Lin have become estranged as people around them ones pass away one by one. Surprisingly, an oddly behaved doctor (Mark Ma) is able to get to the root of the problem. Priscilla is busy taking care of her daughter and step-son (Zeno Koo), while Frankie struggles to understand the needs of his only daughter (Chloe So). Because of fate, Zeno and Chloe become close with each other. But their relationship creates a lot of problems for their mutual friend (Kyle Li), and the truth of the car accident also gradually surfaces. Everyone must face change again…

七年前一宗严重车祸,破坏了两个家庭,改变了姜煜诚(林文龙饰)、方乐汶(黄翠如饰)的人生。七年后一次交通意外,让煜诚重遇乐汶,生活仍然有悲有喜。乐汶与妹妹方书文(连诗雅饰)因身边人逐一离开而闹僵,没想到行为怪异的医生古希晨(马贯东饰),却能直捣问题根源。 乐汶忙于照顾女儿朱幸而(黄芷晴饰)及继子朱嘉炳(顾定轩饰),煜诚则一直未能了解独女姜子优(苏皓儿饰)的需要。 子优和嘉炳因缘走近,共同朋友莫宇谦(李任燊饰)竟为此段关系衍生更多问题,也令当年车祸真相渐渐浮现,众人亦要再次面临改变……

Other Names: 祸后 / 致所有愛過的人
Release Date: 08 June 2020 – 10 July 2020
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Romance, Mystery, Investigation, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 25 Episodes
Director: Kwan Shu Ming (关树明), Guan Wen Shen (关文深)

Stars Cast
Frankie Lam (林文龙) 姜煜诚 (泰拳会老板/教练, 蔡敏蕙之夫)
Priscilla Wong (黄翠如) 方乐汶 (Laura, 保险代理, 单亲妈妈)
Mark Ma (马贯东) 古希晨 (普通科医生, 欧丽馨之子)
Shiga Lin (连诗雅) 方书文 (古希晨之暗恋对象,后为其妻)
Yoyo Chen (陈自瑶) 钱莉媛 (Sabrina, 保险公司高层)
Stephen Wong (黄嘉乐) 龚家豪 (贸易公司首席执行官, 富二代)
Kyle Li (李任燊) 莫宇谦 (电脑专才, 拳会学生)
Zeno Koo (顾定轩) 朱嘉炳 (朱嘉饼 (朱幸而专称), 朱炳, 中学生)
Chloe So (苏皓儿) 姜子优 (中学生, 姜煜诚, 蔡敏蕙之女)
Rainbow Yeung (程可为) 欧丽馨 (家庭主妇, 古希晨之母)
Griselda Yeung (杨卓娜) 蔡敏蕙 (蔡沈玉晶之亡女, 姜煜诚之亡妻)
William Chak (翟威廉) 朱瀚辉 (陈玉兰之亡长子, 方乐汶之亡夫, Angela之亡前夫)

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