Sinister Beings – 逆天奇案

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This drama “Sinister Beings – 逆天奇案” is about Ruco is a stellar detective in the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB). He is brave, competent, highly regarded by his superiors and admired by his colleagues, but his ultimate dream is to join the Special Duties Unit. Another elite OCTB detective, Ben Wong, has a shrewd mind and lots of experience. Although Ruco and Ben handle things differently, they appreciate each other’s talent and complement one another’s weaknesses. The police get ambushed by criminals and suffer heavy losses. To find the mastermind behind the plot, Ruco gives up his dream and stays at OCTB. Aside from that, Ruco and Ben face a series of complicated and unpredictable unnatural cases! The two of them use reverse thinking, psychological game theory and careful analysis to deconstruct a criminal’s thinking and motives! Nothing can escape from the nets of heaven!


不料警队适匪徒埋伏,伤亡惨重,为了找出幕后黑手,森放弃梦想留在O记。 除此之外,森、力二人亦要面对一系列曲折诡秘,刁钻莫测的逆天奇案! 二人利用逆向思考、心理博奕、缜密分析,解构罪犯思维动机! 天网恢恢,绝不遗漏!

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Other Names:
Release Date: 03 May 2021 – 11 June 2021
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Action, Mystery, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 30 Episodes
Director: Lau Kar Ho (刘家豪)

Stars Cast
Ruco Chan (陈展鹏) 许浚森 (森Sir、阿森/A组高级督察/精英干探,勇武能干)
Rosina Lam (林夏薇) 马颖思 (Wing、Wing姐/警长)
Crystal Fung (冯盈盈) 张喜 (Ana, 电脑黑客)
Ben Wong (黄智贤) 沈韦力 (Nic Sir、Nic/重案组→有组织罪案及三合会调查科)
Joman Chiang (蒋祖曼) 锺嘉瑜 (锺大状、锺律师、Hazel/大律师)
Jonathan Cheung (张颕康) 魏子乐 (Marco/魏丰集团董事兼资讯科技部总监)
Moon Lau (刘佩玥) 尤丽 (Rachel, 魏丰集团公关部顾问/名媛/前记者)
Mat Yeung (杨明) 本剧反派 (陈婉衡之男友)
Joseph Lee (李国麟) 莫振邦 (莫Sir/高级警司)
Mak Ling Ling (麦玲玲) 霍太 (江湖大家姐/超级富豪/被Jason绑架)
Gabriel Harrison (海俊杰) 古成钧 (古Sir/高级督察)
Li Shing Cheong (李成昌) 魏东海 (魏生/魏丰集团主席兼首席执行官)
Candy Lo (罗霖) (魏贯天之妻, 魏子乐之母, 尤丽之家婆)
Chin Siu Ho (钱小豪) 张耀祈 (张Sir/特别任务连行动组总督察/指挥官)
Nina Paw (鲍起静) 失智症患者 (单元角色, 特别演出)
Michelle Yim (米雪) 宋彩雪 (民宿老板娘 / 泰国华人)
Helena Law (罗兰) (单元角色, 特别演出)

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