The Defected – 铁探

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This drama “The Defected – 铁探” is about Inspector Sheung Sing miraculously survives a near-fatal shot to the head after attempting to save a colleague, but the incident leaves him with PTSD, repeatedly envisioning the event in his head over and over again. The shooter, Bingo, turns out to be an undercover cop working for Chief Superintendent Man Hei-wah. She has been in a long power-struggle with Chief Superintendent Kan Kwok-Chu and Wan Sir for the position of Commissioner, and in her endeavors to win merits to rise in power, she sets Bingo free, with intentions of getting him to provide her with intel during operations to ensure her stability in the police force goes smooth-sailing. Determined to pull Hei-wah down from power after her excessive abuse of authority in countless occasions goes out of hand, Bingo teams up with Sheung Sing to collect evidence of Hei-wah’s dutiful negligence to prevent her from ascending towards the Commissioner position, only to be shot down once more.


Release Date: 01 April 2019 – 10 May 2019
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Action, Crime, Political Thriller, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 30 Episodes
Director: So Man Chung (苏万聪)

Stars Cast
Benjamin Yuen (袁伟豪) 尚垶 (垶Sir)
Kara Wai (惠英红) 万晞华 (Madam Man)
Philip Keung (姜皓文) 游秉高 (Bingo,卧底警员,后被迫变节(但仍以自己方式执行卧底任务,并收集万晞华滥权证据))
Sisley Choi (蔡思贝) 招喜悦 (Jill、阿招)
Ben Wong (黄智贤) 程宇森 (Samuel、程Sir)
Matt Yeung (杨明) 邱励杰 (Matt、Matt Sir)
Oscar Leung (梁竞徽) 谷永正 (快活谷、谷Sir、细添(卧底时化名))
Benz Hui (许绍雄) 简国曙 (阿Kan、简Sir、贱Kan)
Grace Wong (王君馨) 杨晓怡 (怡姐)

The Defected:


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